This is who we are. 

When was the last time you rode a bicycle with just one wheel? Not many people can pull that off. This very principle sets us apart from most other college planners. College planning typically revolves around one wheel or the other.

Wheel #1 - These planners (sometimes known as admissions counselors) can help you choose a career, the right majors and even recommend great colleges that are a an academic fit for your student. However, with costs of attendance reaching north of over $60,000 per year, most people cannot afford the very colleges that these planners recommend. These families remain financially limited with their options.

Wheel #2 - These planners simply explore college funding and investment strategies and have no real expertise in college selection or the true impact their financial recommendations will have on your financial aid. Sometimes they work with a team of admissions counselors to form a more well-rounded planning approach, but ultimately colleges still remain unaffordable and financially out of reach.

We are the bicycle, a truly comprehensive and research-based approach to college planning. We will help you find AND pay for the right college. Setting the right academic track towards a 4-year graduation, implementing the right financial strategy and obtaining the best possible discounts (institutional scholarships and grants) towards your cost of attendance is the most effective and complete solution.

What we are not.

We are not an "outside" scholarship search organization. Many outside scholarships can actually have a negative impact on institutional college financial aid. Also, we are not a student loan or lending institution. 

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