Our Case studies in 2016

What is a college planner? What do they do? There are several college planners out there and many people may think that we are all the same. We are not. We are different.

We guide families and students through the college selection process and introduce college options they never considered or thought possible. We also place a strong emphasis on affordability. It’s one thing to help a student find a college, but finding a college that is also affordable presents a separate and unique set of challenges.

What good is gaining acceptance into your ideal college if the costs ultimately keep you from attending? What if that same college provided scholarships and discounts?

CASE STUDY - "I don't think we can afford an out-of-state college."

The Morgan Family

We met with the Morgan family in September of 2013.  The family had lived in Southern California for 15 years before moving to Austin, TX in August of 2012.  Their son Max was really focused on returning to California to attend college and his initial list of schools included six in California. He was wanting a college environment where long boarding was part of the culture. Mom and Dad were concerned about the out of state costs at public colleges in California and that they made too much money to receive financial aid from colleges, period. They were also concerned about Max’s lack of major choice as both Mom and Dad graduated from the University of Michigan with business degrees.

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CASE STUDY - "I can't send a student to college on a teacher's salary."

The Sanders Family

The Sanders Family came to us in the fall of 2015. Their daughter, an aspiring author, had high hopes of attending an amazing college but understood that her family's financial circumstances limited her choices. We looked at Danielle's majors and our college selection program provided her with college options that had the majors she was looking for and the potential for aid that the family needed.

Danielle supplied the hard work and determination. We provided guidance and research. Here are the results. Based on our successful appeal for more aid, Danielle will attend Rollins College in the fall of 2016.

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CASE STUDY - "I make too much to get aid, but not enough to afford an expensive college."

The Vaughn Family

We met the Vaughn family in early 2015. Their son, Pete, had high hopes of attending an elite college, but Mom and Dad could not afford the elite price. With an older student already in college, and a younger sister not far behind, Mom and Dad were feeling the pressure.

We helped Pete focus on his majors and offered great college selections that were a match to his academics and career goals. His favorite college, Wake Forest, came up a little short. However, an appeal strategy showing competing offers brought an additional $8500 a year to the award letter, putting Wake Forest within reach. Pete will attend Wake Forest in the Fall of 2016.

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CASE STUDY - "My student is homeschooled and young for his grade level. We also make too much money but have 4 kids to send to college."

The Pinkerton Family

We met the Pinkerton Family in the Spring of early 2015 with so many questions. They had concerns that homeschooling their children would limit their college choices. Roger, their student, was also young for his grade level and they were not sure if he was ready for college just yet. With 4 kids, they also knew that they had to plan sooner rather than later. We helped Mom and Dad position their finances to qualify them for an additional $25,000 in need based aid. We also helped Roger research his career and college options. An appeal strategy resulted in an additional 3,000 per year from Berry College.

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