CASE STUDY - "My student is homeschooled and young for his grade level. We also make too much money but have 4 kids to send to college."

The Pinkerton Family

We met the Pinkerton Family in the Spring of early 2015 with so many questions. They had concerns that homeschooling their children would limit their college choices. Roger, their student, was also young for his grade level and they were not sure if he was ready for college just yet. With 4 kids, they also knew that they had to plan sooner rather than later. We helped Mom and Dad position their finances to qualify them for an additional $25,000 in need based aid. We also helped Roger research his career and college options. An appeal strategy leveraging a competing offer resulted in an additional $3,000 per year from Berry College.

Berry College accepted Roger's request to take a gap year so he could finish his Eagle Scout project and give Mom and Dad another year to prepare him for his college experience away from home. His seat and generous aid offer will be there waiting for him in the Fall of 2017.

Roger (2016 Grad) - 3.8 GPA / 29 ACT Score

$125,463 Adjusted Gross Income

$10,500 Checking and Savings

$200,000 Other Savings

Initial EFC - 62,781 / Final EFC – 35,009


Samford University

$39,232 - Cost of Attendance

$14,750 - Grants / Scholarships

$24,482 - True Cost                                            

Berry College

$45,336 - Cost of Attendance            

$21,946 - Grants / Scholarships          

$23,390 - True Cost                                              

Pinkerton College Savings