By Danny Umali - Game Theory College Planners


I always like to attend the NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) College Fair every year here in Atlanta. It’s really convenient to evaluate and engage with multiple colleges all under the same roof. On previous years, I have attended these fairs to get additional insights as to how some of these colleges just do so many things better than other colleges. How do they manage to graduate larger percentages of students on time, send more students to graduate school, and maintain high employment rates after graduation?

This year, however, I wanted to find out something different: Do these colleges look at an applicant’s social media? I am a real fan of what I call the “hidden gems” (colleges that produce amazing results but may not be well-known) and I decided to take an opportunity and interview a few of these “hidden gems” and some other colleges that are very well-known. I conducted an informal poll of 20 colleges. Unless noted otherwise,  I asked the same three questions to each college:

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