By Jordan Dansky - Lead Degenerate at Quarter for Your Crisis 

Most of social media can be summed up in that one word. While many of us try to find the perfect combination of contrast, brightness, fade, and blur to best show off our strategically-placed snap, the filters go far beyond choosing Mayfair over X-Pro II.

The filters start before we even decide to post. For most of us, social media is one giant filter in itself.

We try to be so careful about what we share and how we project the lives we’re living. We snap those not-so-candid candids and show off all of the wonderful moments in our lives.

And I’m as guilty as the next person. Because even though I was crying most nights after work at my corporate job, struggling with so many questions and decisions, I still had plenty of fun travel photos to share. And who wants to hear about my struggles online anyways?

And then we launched Quarter for Your Crisis and quickly realized that there is so much more to each person’s story. What makes someone successful or happy isn’t just the accomplishments and Insta-worthy moments, it’s all of the moments in between - especially the struggles.

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