Marguerite Roza, the director of the Edunomics Lab and a research associate professor at Georgetown University, is the author of, "Educational Economics: Where Do School Funds Go?"

UPDATED APRIL 11, 2016, 3:22 AM

A longstanding, implicit bargain of public higher education is now in jeopardy, as state universities chase after more and more nonresident students.

State support for public universities has long been predicated on both subsidized pricing for in-state students, and preference for them in the admissions process. After all, lower in-state tuition prices aren't any good if in-state students aren't allowed to pay them.

This system is good for the states, too, because in-state educated residents tend to remain local and bolster the economy with their college degrees. Tougher out-of-state admissions standards then raise the academic caliber of the student body (and the university) as a whole.

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