By Heat Street Staff | 9:03 am, July 10, 2016 A new poll from the Gallup organization, taken in the wake of last month’s Supreme Court ruling effectively upholding the use of race-based criteria in the college admissions process, found that a majority of Americans — including minorities — are opposed to the practice.

Seven out of 10 people polled by Gallup said merit, in the form of high school grades or test scores, should be the sole basis for admission to a University. More African-American respondents said they supported racially blind merit-based admissions (50%) than those who said race should be considered an important factor (44%).

The poll was commissioned following the Supreme Court’s June 23 decision in the Fisher v. University of Texas case that upheld the school’s use of race to determine who gets into college in the interest of promoting diversity. The plaintiff, a white female named Abigail Fisher, sued the school after she was denied a spot because of her race. She said the school’s policy violated the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

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